My name is Alex Rogozhnikov (Алексей Михайлович Рогожников), and ‘brilliantly wrong’ is my personal blog.

Area of my interest is development and improvement of Machine Learning methods.

I have PhD in mathematics and physics from Moscow University.

I have some other degrees as well :)

  • master degree in Math & CS from Computer Science faculty of MSU
  • master degree from faculty of mathematics of Higher School of Economics (definitely great place if you want to devote your life to math)
  • degree from Yandex School of Data Analysis, which is one of the best places (or simply best place?) to study programming, data analysis and machine learning.
  • I also have many degrees of freedom (as many other complex physical systems :)

If you’re interested in things I am doing, take a look at

Sometimes I give courses of Machine Learning: Take a look at MLHEP 2016 slides and repository or course at Imperial College, London.

There is also quite complete course of machine learning in science and industry