My name is Alex Rogozhnikov (Алексей Михайлович Рогожников), and ‘brilliantly wrong’ is my personal blog.

Area of my interest is development of Machine Learning methods (mostly, somehow applied to fundamental sciences, though not limited by those).

I have PhD in mathematics and physics from Moscow University.

I have some other degrees as well :)

  • master degree in Math & CS from Computer Science faculty of MSU
  • master degree from faculty of mathematics of Higher School of Economics (definitely great place if you want to devote your life to math)
  • degree from Yandex School of Data Analysis, which is one of the best places (or simply best place?) to study programming, data analysis and machine learning.
  • I also have many degrees of freedom (as many other complex physical systems :)

If you’re interested in things I am doing, take a look at

Sometimes I give courses of Machine Learning: Take a look at MLHEP 2016 slides and repository or course at Imperial College, London.

There is also quite complete course of machine learning in science and industry